Join us on the trail!

About me…

Hi. I’m Gary Towle, and I love horses. What’s even better, I own 40+ acres of forested land up in the mountains out of Boise, where I live completely off the grid, close to nature, where I can ride my horses on trails, old logging roads, or just across country, as far back into the mountains as I could ever want to go. I actually grew up coming up here all the time, and creating awesome memories with my family, and later, with my own kids. Now it’s just me.

What’s more, I know there are other people out there like me that love their horses too, and love riding them. So I’ve opened up my place to “horse camping” where other die-hard horse-people like myself can come camp out and share this space with me.  It’s beautiful, it’s quiet, it’s secluded, and it’s the life. Come see for yourself!

And if you don’t like any of the trails already accessible just from this property here, then just camp here, and trailer your horses to any number of hundreds of other trails accessible within two hours of here. Meadows. Mountaintops. Creeks. Rivers. Hot Springs. Ghost towns. Miners cabins. Abandoned gold mines. Deer. Elk. Bear. Mountain Lion. Wild Turkey. Clear blue skies. Stars. Camp fires. Fishing. Morels. You name it, we got it, or can point you in a direction, easily and quickly.

And if you’re lucky enough to even find and follow the old abandoned, mining rail line also hidden up in the hills above my place, who knows what all kinds of treasure you might find at the end of it!

So check out our services and what we can offer you, then call or contact me and let’s arrange when you and your horses come stay and ride awhile!