Get in touch, ask us a question, or tell us what dates you’d like to come stay, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. ¬†We look forward to hearing from you!

If you want to reserve and register one of the sites, this is what we will need to know from you.

  1. Names of the people in your group (and how many).
  2. How many horses do you want to bring?
  3. How big is the horse trailer you want to bring?
  4. How many vehicles? (Typically we expect to see just a truck and trailer, and an RV).
  5. Are you bringing your own feed, or do we need to make arrangements onsite in advance?
  6. Are you bringing an ATV (for camp mobility ONLY, if unable to walk- not allowed on the trails or for any reason whatsoever, and strongly discouraged in camp. This is HORSE camping, not ATV recreation!).
  7. How will you be paying for your stay?
  8. Dates you would like to stay (two week minimum – you can bank part of it, or transfer it if necessary. If your stay is connected to a specific local event that lasts shorter than this, we can negotiate.)
  9. Which campsite do you prefer (we have several to choose from)?
  10. Tent or self-contained RV for the people in your group (RV dump is four miles down the road)?
  11. Your mailing address?
  12. Best phone number to get in touch with you to discuss details?


We have water, corrals, and feed bunks onsite.

Please leave this field empty.